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HRGP Demands UN

HRGP demands UN, international community to stop genocide of Rohingyas


Human Rights Group of Pakistan has strongly condemned the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and grave violation of human rights amounting to crimes against humanity by the Myanmar regime and Buddhist monks.

Secretary General HRGP Khalid Mehmood Shah has demanded of the United Nation, human rights organizations, international communities and world and regional power to step in to help the Rohingyas muslims, who have been declared by the US as the most persecuted ethnic community in the world.

He deplored over the inexplicable indifference showed wards to the unending suffering of the Rohingya by the UN, human rights organization and world power and Muslim countries.

During a meeting of HRGP, which held to discuss the grave violation of human rights and crimes against humanity being committed by Myanmar junta and Buddhist monks against the Muslims, Shah said that the ruthless and systematic policy of oppression practised by the junta in monks in Myanmar (formerly Burma) for the last nearly half a century against an ethnic minority of more than 1.4 million Muslims had been one of the darkest episodes of ethnic discrimination in contemporary times.

He said that the regime not only resorted to a carefully orchestrated campaign of oppression against the Rohingyas but also went a step further — it questioned the Rohingya’s right of community citizenship and denied their right to be called nationals of Myanmar because it asserted, without any documented evidence, that all Rohingya have entered the country illegally.

“The regime has no grounds to unleash a reign of terror upon a helpless and peaceful community. The state repression has taken many forms. Employment is denied to the Rohingya community in a country where the government happens to be the main employer. Restrictions are in place on the movement of the community not only internally but also on their travels abroad. Systematic and consistent attacks on their villages continue,” he added.


He said that thousands of Rohingyas have been killed in the last five years as the genocide campaign picked momentum, while thousands have been made to escape to the unwelcoming lands of Bangladesh, Thiland and Malaysia. Hundreds have perished and drowned in the rivers while trying to escape to Bangladesh as they were pursued by relentless gangs of attackers including military personnel, he noted.

He deplored that the UN, human rights organizations and muslim countries have never raised strong voice against the regime’s policy of pursuing a genocidal campaign against Rohingya Muslims.

Shah pointed out that HRGP back in 2012 had filed a petition in International Court of Criminal Justice against the Myanmar junta for committing crimes against humanity against the Rohingyas. He urged the ICJ to took up the petition on urgent basis and ordered investigation against Myanmar government for the grave human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

The HRGP secretary general also urged UN and international community to take notice of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Myanmar.

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