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Mosques across Lahore begin Ramazan preparations

Mosques across Lahore have started preparations to ensure worshippers accommodated in the best possible way.

Mosques, both big and small, are being cleaned as the number of worshippers during the holy month is expected to increase. Arrangements are underway to ensure Taraweeh prayers are held in mosques across the city.

“Muslims across the city are anxiously waiting for the month of Ramazan to begin,” says the imam of a local mosque. “The Holy Quran will be recited and Taraweeh prayers will be recited.”

There are around 4500 mosques in the city in total. Authorities have divided the mosques into categories of A, B and C based on the sensitive security situation.

Three thousand security personnel will be deployed at the mosques for security.

“Police officers will patrol the streets and they will also be stationed at rooftops,” he said. “Dolphin force will also be working round the clock to ensure security of the worshippers.”

The administration has announced that 13,000 volunteers will also be active in ensuring proper security measures are taken.

Story first published: 16th May 2018

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