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About Us

Corruption creates a sense of insecurity, exacerbates poverty and adds to the misfortune of the vulnerable segments of the society. It also instills a sense of hopelessness and despondency and threatens the strength of good values. The menace has assumed cancerous proportion in Pakistani society and there is an urgent need to get the society and country rid of this menace. In financial sector, it has assumed the form of financial terrorism. So Pakistan needs to wage war against the ‘financial terrorists’ too to ensure social and economic justice for having a peaceful and harmonious society.

National Transparency is actively playing a role in eradication of corruption by striving to promote transparency and fairness and reduce opportunities for corruption in society and the country. It strives for transparent and accountable system enabling governments and citizens to engage in a mutually-responsive way to achieve the ultimate objective of fairness, transparency and openness in the society and state apparatus.

If you are victim of financial corruption, corrupt practices, embezzlement, deceit or cheating by any organisation and financial institution especially of financial corruption/corrupt practices then feel free to approach us for free legal assistance and advice.