Bitcoin Gambling casino games

What is a bitcoin casino?

This is a gambling establishment where the main or one of the payment methods is cryptocurrency. Bitcoins can be used in almost all well-known games: roulette, poker, dice, regular slots, and more. A popular example of bitcoin’s influence on the industry is the game of Dice. This is a dice game that just shot up after the introduction of cryptocurrency. Now the turnover of Dice reaches thousands of bitcoins, which, translated into our usual dollars, is astonishing. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to pay for goods and services similar to regular money. In 2017, the term “bitcoin” hit the top of Google searches around the world. Developers of solutions for the gambling business simply could not pass by this phenomenon and found a use for it in their sphere. This is how bitcoin casinos came to be.

Benefits of bitcoin casino

Confidentiality of BTC casino

The first and main advantage of using cryptocurrency in Bitcoin casinos is the privacy it provides to both casino owners and players. Third parties are not given access to your personal and financial information. In addition, you won’t have any problems with chargebacks associated with standard credit cards. Online gambling has yet to be legalized in many countries around the world.

Easy transactions

Some banking institutions do not perform transactions to and from gaming websites, and players have no choice but to look for alternative ways to fund their accounts. Bitcoin is the best option in this regard. The transaction is not processed by a third party (the bank). You don’t need to link a credit/debit card to pay via Bitcoin.

Transaction speed

Another advantage you should be aware of is that deposits and withdrawals with BTC are instant. In fact, most modern payment systems offer instant deposits, but withdrawals take at least 2-3 days. If you use cryptocurrency, the money you win can be withdrawn. When you send money to the Bitcoin address of the casino, the desired amount is immediately transferred after confirmation.

Peculiarities of Bitcoin casino games

As in the casino, working with traditional currencies, bonuses and their number, the number of spins in additional games, the presence or absence of jackpots, risk games and the presence of special characters (Wild, Scatter) depends only on the slot or other game type. The main difference is only that all accruals here are in Satoshi (the minimum part of Bitcoin).

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about gambling in Bitcoin Casino. Transactions are fast and safe, but before you move to deposit through Bitcoin, you should also be aware of the drawbacks. Without the guarantees that come with a credit or debit card, you could risk losing everything. The anonymity and lack of “paper trail” that attracts so many players can end up working against you. However, the risk of such trouble is still minimal. The advantages are much greater.

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