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Petrol and diesel is more expensive in Pakistan- Samaa Digital

A petrol station employee puts up new prices for fuel at a filling station in Karachi on September 1, 2013. Photo: AFP

When people woke up Sunday morning, they were greeted by the unwelcome news that fuel prices had increased overnight. 

The government issued a notification Saturday night approving a 12% increase in the price of petrol and 17% increase in diesel, light diesel and furnace oil.

Petrol is now Rs9.14 more expensive per litre while diesel is Rs4.89 more expensive.

Petrol costs Rs108 per litre and diesel costs Rs122.32 per litre. The price of light diesel is Rs6.4 higher and furnace oil’s price is Rs7.46 higher.

The FBR has levied more GST (sales tax) on petrol. OGRA had suggested a Rs14.50 increase in the price of petroleum products but the federal cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, had rejected the summary to raise petrol prices.

The Economic Coordination Committee approved the Rs9 increase in the per litre price of petrol on Friday. It was expected that the government would approve the decision on Tuesday.

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