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US diplomat cleared to leave Pakistan

Reported by: Noor-ul-Ameen

US military attaché Col Joseph Emanuel Hall’s name was taken out from the blacklist that barred him from leaving the country on Monday, paving the way for him to fly out of the country. 

Col Joseph Emanuel is accused of breaking traffic rules and as a result, killing a young motorcyclist named Ateeq Baig and injuring his pillion rider in Islamabad a couple of weeks ago.

Emanuel’s name was included in the blacklist by the ministry of interior last week.

A few days earlier, the ministry of interior had informed the court that Emanuel had been barred from leaving the country because of the criminal case pending against him.

Members of the civil society had protested against the diplomatic immunity provided to Colonel Joseph. Demonstrations and protests had been held at the National Press Club demanding Emanuel’s arrest.

Relations between Pakistan and the United States have been tense ever since the latter imposed a restriction on the movement of Pakistani diplomats in America.

The Foreign Office had stated that it would respond with restrictions of its own on American diplomats in Pakistan.

Story first published: 14th May 2018

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